Entering The Data World

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In a world of endless resources, what excuse does one have?

For almost a year now I have had the desire to learn data science, but unfortunately procrastination and internal struggles have been hindering me.

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Learning something new entices several emotions, and the emotion on the forefront of my brain was fear. Not a fear of failure, but rather a fear of boredom.

To tackle this fear, I started exploring and reading more about this field. I had a quest of finding an answer to the burning question of "What if I eventually get bored?".  Anything can be exciting at the beginning, but ultimately becomes repetitive, stagnates, and leads to boredom.

My explorative journey exposed me to several aspects of this data world, and eventually led me an answer. The answer that will become my driving force to keep going when things get boring.

Here it is:

Looking at a dataset is the same as learning something new:

Given that each dataset is unique, different insights can be derived from different datasets. Therefore, the learning process is non-ending. There will always be something new to learn, which leads to a lightbulb moment, a sensation of excitement when it clicks in your brain and you finally understand what the data is telling you, that will emerge with every new dataset you tackle.

Having that idea in mind eases and in ways comforts that fear. Reminding it that no matter how much you think that eventually it might get boring, those little excitements will keep coming, because you will keep having new insights. Therefore, no stagnation and consequently no boredom.

I cannot deny that the process to get there (having the lightbulb moment) might get boring, however, if you're focused on working hard to reach that apex, and experience that momentary excitement, is it not worth it?

Hence, my driving force will be the pursuit of excitement of new discoveries.  
Shahla AlSoughayer

Shahla AlSoughayer