Hello. I'm Shahla. Just Shahla. I am a research scientist (mainly in the field of nanomaterials and nanotechnology),  I chose this path because I face the problem of having too many interests. I love all the sciences and when working with nanoscience I can actually apply chemistry, physics, biology and math.

Even though I get to apply all the sciences I mentioned above, I still find myself interested in learning more and wanting to explore something new. Thankfully, my sister introduced me to coding and data science. After she showed me some of the projects that can be done through data science, I knew I had to learn it.

My approach in life is: explore, learn, challenge then create. So, I will document my data science learning journey here, where you will see me going through these stages (explore, learn, challenge, create) and hopefully you'll learn something, get inspired or at least be entertained.